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    Measures OD and ID of sealed bearings, as well as outer diameter of loose ball bearingsDurable black anodized aluminum with laser etched lettering to quickly identify bearing sizeEasily mounts on bench topBearing RulerBlack

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      The Bottom Bracket Gauge Tool was designed to provide all the necessary measurements to identify the proper bottom bracket for a specific bike configurationThe gauge can measure bottom bracket width, bottom bracket shell inner diameter, crank spindle length, crank spindle diameter and bearing inner diameterA metric scale runs along the long edges for measuring bottom bracket shell width and crank spindle lengthsDurable red anodized aluminum with laser etchingOverall size 7` x 3` x 0.125`Bottom...

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        The DCA-1 installs onto most digital, dial, or vernier calipers and features protruding contact points that allow measurement of the center of the braking surface rather than the unworn edge of the rotor for a more accurate measurementThe conical end points of the DCA-1 can be used to measure center-to-center distances of bolt holes for calculating bolt circle diameter (BCD) of chainrings and cranksCaliper AccessoryClearDCA-1

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          Benchtop ruler and thread gauge for all cones, locknuts, and axlesInch and metric scales run along the long edges for measuring axle and spoke lengthsGauges for the following cone and axle sizes: M9 x 1, M9 x 26tpi, M9.5 (3/8`) x 24tpi, M9.5 (3/8`) x 26tpi, M10 x 1, M10 x 26tpiThreaded holes measure the following thru axle sizes: 12 x 1, 12 x 1.25, 12 x 1.5, 12 x 1.75, 14 x 1.5, 15 x 1.5Durable red anodized aluminum with laser etchingEasily mounts on bench topOverall size 12.25` x 3` x .5`Cone...

          AFFINITY Track Gear Calculator
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             Rotating chart for making track related gear calculations simple Spin the perfect gear ratio, on the track or in the streets - reliable, accurate gear calculations for (700c wheel) track bikes Affinity did the math and created a simple, easy to use chart which generates 100% accurate calculations unlike inaccurate online calculators Rotate the chart to choose your chain ring size, the window then displays the results of your chain ring & cog gear ratio based on 3 different...

            PARK TOOL DC-1 Digital Caliper
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               Displays metric, decimal standard, and fractional standard to 1/128� Large LCD display Measures external, internal, depth and stepped dimensions Resolution: +/- 0.01mm/0.0005�/1/128� Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm/0.001 (-100mm) Repeatability: +/- 0.01mm/0.0005� Protective case and battery included Digital Caliper DC-1

              PARK TOOL DS-1 Digital Scale
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                 A versatile digital scale built to accurately weigh bikes, frames, and components Uniquely designed to be clamped solidly into a repair stand or hung from a hook or branch Measures in both pounds and kilograms to the tenth and includes a dual position, silicone coated hanging hook Scale DS-1

                PARK TOOL DS-2 Tabletop Digital Scale
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                   Accurate to within 2g/ 1000g, 2g/ 2000g, 3g/ 3000g Tare feature to exclude weight of container Switches easily between grams and ounces 3000 gram (106 oz) capacity Battery included Scale DS-2

                  PARK TOOL RR-12 Tape Measure
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                     Features a tough, composite housing and both Metric and English readings up to 12 feet (3.65 M). Small and handy Tape Measure RR-12

                    PARK TOOL SBC-1 Spoke/Bearing & Cotter G
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                       Measures spoke length, bearing diameter, cotter diameter Blue anodized aluminum Ruler/Cotter Gauge SBC-1