•  Part # 63906
  •  Model : MR TUFFY Mr. Tuffy E-Bike Tire Liner
  •  Supplier Part # PURPLE-E
  •  TUBE PROTECTOR MR TUFFY E-BIKE 27.5x1.95-2.35 (650B) PURPLE-E
  • Price: $44.99
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      Item #: 63906
    •  Mr Tuffy E-Bike liners are safer for higher speeds which E-bikes can easily reach
    •  Self-sticking tire liners permanently adhere to the inside of a bicycle tire
    •  Easier to install tubes as the liner sticks to the inside of the tire out of the way
    •  Same Mr Tuffy color coding for easy identification
    •  Works with any bike, not just e-bikes
    •  Easy 5 min installation
    •  27.5/29x1.95-2.35
    •  Purple
    •  Pair