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Double OverDrive Trike Trainer (MR120)
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    We heard you! So many customers have asked for more resistance from the OverDrive trike trainer for strong interval sprints that we are happy to offer the Double OverDrive trike trainer with two identical progressive resistance drums. Click on the photo above and take a look at the power curves to see the difference! SportCrafters trike trainers are the only trainers in the world specifically designed for recumbent trikes. Easy to use, lightweight and portable, our trike trainers do not...

    OverDrive Trike Trainer (MR110)
    Price: $211.00
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      The OverDrive Trike Trainer, powered by ARC Technology, automatically adjusts in resistance as the rider changes speed � no manual adjustment necessary. In higher speeds, the OverDrive Trike Trainer will ramp up the resistance (more than the Mag version) to realistically mimic road riding conditions. This trainer is perfect for the active trike customer who wants to maintain fitness while riding indoors.The OverDrive Trike Trainer is also perfect for families with varying skill levels. Just...

      MINOURA Live Roll R500
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         Independently height adjusted rollers for maximizing workout and compatibility Adjustable sliding frame with QR for the perfect fit with a variety of wheel base lengths Wheelbase adjustable from 970mm to 1,090mm Low noise and long term maintenance free roller Rustproof and lightweight alloy construction Roller Adjustable White/Silver

        MINOURA Live Roll R720
        Price: $449.99
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           Adjustable roller trainer with extra large rollors for improved performance and smooth rolling A highly rigid aluminum sliding frame that can be steplessly adjusted from of 950 to 1,080mm according to the wheel base Front wheel bump stops prevent the front wheel from going off the edge of the front roller Collapses for easy storage when not in use Roller Alloy Titanium/Silver 26 - 700c ...

          MINOURA Live Roll R800
          Price: $719.99
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             A heavy and wide roller with high-precision machined steel covers attached Can be used for smooth and high-speed rotation practice over other smaller diameter rollers Professional rider features such as matched wheelbase adjustability with continuous adjustment by scale on the frame of the rollers Uses a high-rigidity and lightweight aluminum frame Exclusive front drop roller adjusts the middle roller to provide an even safe spin at high RPM`s Include 6 points...

            MINOURA MOZ Folding
            Price: $299.99
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               80mm x 420mm precision machined alloy drums with catridge bearings provide a smooth, quiet ride 80mm diameter alloy roller drum generates natural resistance Alloy frame folds down into 3 parts for convenient storage and transport Wheelbase adjustable from 950mm to 1090mm Each roller contains noise insulator for quiet training Rustproof and lightweight alloy construction Durable urethane belt 8 ground contact points for stability Safety step for...

              SARIS 9501T Classic Aluminum Roller
              Price: $299.99
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                 Dedicated cyclists and racers know that BALANCE and holding your line are two critical fundamentals Saris Rollers allow you to practice these skills while riding indoors Solid steel frame construction, 8 floor contact points, precision roller drums for a smooth and quiet ride Bi-Fold design gives convenient storage and transport Alloy Rollers