•  Part # 70269
  •  Model : SARIS 9789T MP1 Nfinity Motion Platform
  •  Supplier Part # 9789T
  • Price: $1,199.99
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      Item #: 70269
    •  Trainer platform that takes indoor training sessions to the next level through improved feel and targeting of more muscle groups by way of realistic movements
    •  Mechanical ingenuity combined with the physics of motion yields a training experience that is immersive, comfortable, and authentic
    •  Multiple planes of movement offer both lateral and fore and aft movement
    •  Centering forces are provided by gravity with 11 inches of total fore/aft travel
    •  Moving side to side is made possible by an intricate system of rollers and a peened leaf spring, freeing the entire system to pivot naturally up to 6? per side
    •  Adjustable spring rates for different sized riders and riding styles
    •  Robust steel, aluminum, and wood construction
    •  Compatible with all major brands and models of trainers
    •  Assembled in box and ready to go
    •  Built in front wheel block for road and MTB
    •  *Due to its large size this item must ship by freight line
    •  Black/Wood