•  Part # 70261
  •  Model : SARIS 9907T Fluid2 Smart Equipped
  •  Supplier Part # 9907T
  • Price: $379.99
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      Item #: 70261
    •  All the features of the top selling Fluid2 trainer now with integrated smart connectivity and technology
    •  Large, individually precision-balanced flywheel allows for improved road-like feel
    •  Precision machined alloy roller reduces tire wear and slippage
    •  Infinite resistance curve
    •  Self-cooling mechanisms keep the unit performing better
    •  Eccentric leveling feet allow for easy adjustment on uneven surfaces
    •  Seamlessly connects to virtual training apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth standards
    •  Integrated cadence, speed and power data - no external sensors needed
    •  Smart Trainer
    •  Fluid
    •  Black