•  Part # 51974
  •  Model : THOMSON Post Clamp
  •  Supplier Part # SC-E101-BK
  • Price: $31.95
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      Item #: 51974
    •  Utilizes the Thomson Seatpost bolt, washer, and barrel nut combination that allows float on both sides of the collar slot ensuring consistent clamping force
    •  The bolt hole angle, height of the collar, and offset slot all help create a collar that generates maximum clamping force at only 25-inch pounds of fastener torque
    •  The Thomson Seatpost Collar is made from the same 7000 series alloy as their seatposts and stems, giving you the high performance and long life you expect from a Thomson
    •  Stainless steel bolt
    •  28.6
    •  Black
    •  Alloy