• Part # 630104
  • Model : TANNUS Tannus Armour
  • Supplier Part #: TA2640
  • Price: $59.99
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      Item #: 630104
    • Tannus Armour is a special insert that wraps around your tube providing up to 15mm of puncture protection in addition to other benefits
    • In the unlikely event you do get a flat tire, you can still ride for a limited period of time with less risk of rim damage - *except for fat tire sizes*
    • The Tannus Armour sidewall helps stabilize your tires on corners and cushion the ride for more comfort
    • Use of Tannus Armour requires use of a smaller tube, see links tab on website or contact your local rep for details
    • *Minimum inner rim width needed to install the inserts is 19mm
    • *Smaller ends of the listed size range may need trimming of the sides to fit
    • 26x4.0-4.8
    • Individual
    • 480g