• Part # 610924
  • Model : PARK TOOL BBP-2 Bearing Press Set
  • Supplier Part #: BBP-2
  • Price: $794.38
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      Item #: 610924
    • The BBP-2 is a complete kit for replacing press fit bottom bracket bearings, cups and adapters
    • 6 sets of precision-machined bushings (in 9 sizes) to fit most bottom bracket configurations
    • 8 precision-machined extractor cups and 5 hardened collets for compatibility with most bearing IDs and bearing/cup ODs
    • 8 installation drifts for standalone bearing installation
    • Press assembly with comfortable handle, oversized shaft, and magnetic back plate for quick and easy assembly
    • Organized in two convenient storage cases
    • NOTE: The BBP-2 consists of the BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Kit and BBP-AOS Bottom Bracket Bearing Extractor Add-On Set, both of which are available separately
    • Bearing Press Kit
    • BBP-2