•  Part # 610736
  •  Model : WHEELS MANUFACTURING Headset Cup Press
  •  Supplier Part # PRESS-8
  • Price: $120.00
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      Item #: 610736
    •  Wheels Mfg Headset Cup Press is a robust, and easy to use tool made up of two machined aluminum handles, 1/2` threaded rod and two machined aluminum drifts
    •  One drift is machined with multiple steps to fit common head tube inner diameters - The other drift has two sizes to press in cups with either 1-1/8` or 1-1/2` bearings, but may be used for other cups with odd sized sealed bearings
    •  Machined aluminum handles and drifts
    •  Red anodized drifts and handles
    •  Zinc-plated 1/2` diameter threaded rod
    •  Long threaded rod works with long head tubes up to 250mm
    •  Includes one Head Tube Drift
    •  Includes one Headset Cup Drift
    •  Cup Press
    •  Red/Silver
    •  Press-8