•  Part # 430017
  •  Model : ZEFAL Tubeless Tank
  •  Supplier Part # 4300
  • Price: $125.98
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      Item #: 430017
    •  In-line expansion tank for seating and inflating tubeless tires
    •  Tank is filled with a standard pump and can hold up to 230 psi
    •  Integrated pump hose on the bottom of the tank connects to a presta valve and provides the burst of air needed to seat tubeless tires
    •  Foot switch operation leaves hands free to ensure the bead is seating correctly
    •  Great for on the road or trail head where you don`t have access to a compressor
    •  Tank must be filled to a minimum of 145 psi to operate
    •  Includes a presta valve core remover for easy inflation and sealant use
    •  Tubeless Tank
    •  Presta
    •  230psi
    •  Black