Trailmate Receational and Industrial Tricycles

Trailmate has been build quality recreational and Industrial Trikes for over fourty years. Trailmate now also build recumbent trikes and trikes for special needs people. Trailmate builds a wide variety of trikes for everyone from kids to senoir citizens.

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Trailmate Hefty Hauler
Price: $1,199.99
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    The Trailmate Hefty Hauler industrial tricycle is one of our most popular Industrial Tricycles. Not only is the Trailmate Hefty Hauler popular with factories and warehouses but also popular with larger heavier riders. The Hefty Hauler has an extra wide deluxe seat that is supported with a rear support bar for extra seat capacity. The frame in the Hefty Hauler is made of extra thick square stock steel and the rear wheel use welded spokes for extra reliability. The Hefty Hauler has one of the...

    Trailmate Desoto Hauler Trike Trailmate Desoto Hauler Industrial Tricycle
    Price: $799.99
    Availability: In Stock

      The Trailmate DeSoto Hauler Industrial Trike is famous for it's toughness and durability, at a price significantly lower than comparable industrial tricycle models. These trikes feature a 350 pound hauling capacity, high-rise handlebars, parking brake and a covered chain. The Trailmate DeSoto Hauler Tricycle has a comfortable ride, responsive performance and is a terrific value. People of all types appreciate the extra wide western style saddle and optional three speed. Available in 24" wheel...